Partner 6315 All-in-One Pc

Hi performance fan-less All-In-One POS Terminal



PT-6315 embedded with powerful Intel Celeron 1.8GHz Dual Core processor yet fanless design, brings the power to run today’s power hunger POS applications.
PT-6315 is not only the solution for small and medium business, the all in one design with ease cable management brings the mobility capability that can fit in with any environment installation.
Its an affordable yet easy to use integrated terminal, which can help small and medium business to serve customer effectively, and keep pace with competitors.
The compact base embedded with 80mm thermal printer, touch screen and integrated customer display, design with attractive appearance and small footprint for counter space saving

All in one POS Terminal

PT-6315 Features


l Celeron 1.8GHz Dual Core, Elegant, compact fanless design
l Integrated Triple track MSR
l Integrated 80mm Thermal Printer,
*Choice of Front Paper out of Rear Paper out
l 2×20 VFD Customer display, Choice of integrated
*Customer Display 2×20 VFD or 7″ LCD (Option)
l Design with easy cable management
l WLAN, RFID (optional)
l Integrated Dual Display(Option)


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