Glory GFS-100 series Bank note counter

The GFS-100 series

The GFS-100 series offers a level of authentication that is best-in-class for bank teller counter applications, and provides one of the best front line forgery protection solutions on the market. It can not only help improve the productivity of banks and other financial institutions, but at a higher level, can also help to maintain the integrity of national currencies through the identification of counterfeit banknotes.

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Glory’s unique note scanning technologies
The GFS-100 series offers efficient performance with maximum levels of recognition and authentication. The CIS (contact image sensor) full banknote image scanning technology provides:
  • Full face scan of both sides of each banknote
  • Multiple image technology using multiple sensors
  • Highest levels of resolution
Glory’s technology allows the simplest yet most effective method of achieving the maximum levels of recognition and authentication whilst ensuring reliable and efficient performance.
User friendly innovations
Noise and dust proof shutter – As each count is started a protective shutter automatically closes, covering the note output hopper. This helps to decrease the level of noise and dust emitted by the unit, ensuring safe and comfortable operation for the user.
Easy access note transport path – The GFS has been designed to allow easy access to the entire note transport path, thus ensuring easy recovery from a jam and minimal downtime. The design also allows
quick and easy maintenance.
Utilising the latest banknote recognition technologies
Glory continuously strives for improved authentication and recognition technologies through banknote data updates from every corner of the globe. Our worldwide installed base varies from simple piece counters to multiple pocket sorters, banknote recyclers and deposit modules for ATMs. Banknote data collected from each type of machine is analysed and evaluated at Glory’s headquarters and used in our program of continuous improvement.


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